Things to do in Sorrento, worth visiting

Sorrento is one of the prettiest town of the Amalfi Coast, with stunning views and a perfectly preserved historical centre. It’s a place of contrasts, combining its medieval centre with narrow winding streets full of shops, cafés and restaurant with modern streets lined with elegant boutiques.
In a land as dazzling as Sorrento you are unlikely to spend much time indoors, so…

Museo Tarsialignea – Museum of inlay works

Address: Via San Nicola, 28 – Phone: (+39) 081 877 19 42

Sorrento is the birthplace of inlay. You may never miss a visit to the museum, stuck in the typical alleys of the old town, located in a beautiful restored villa. Only 8€ and a couple of hours to enjoy this hidden pearl, full of local history. You will be amazed by the collection and techniques of inlaid wood productions realized by these artisans.

Museum of inlay works

Sedil Dominova

Address: Via San Cesareo, 72/74

An elegant medieval ladge situated in the historic centre, with frescoed walls among which stands out the coat of arms of Sorrento supported by angels.
It’s usual to find old men sitting at the tables playing cards and during the Christmas period an exhibition of Nativity scene, with figures of the 19th century

Sedil Dominova

Museo Terranova – Terranova Museum

Address: Via Correale, 50 – Phone: (+39)081 878 18 46

Walking through the walls of this museum, you can admire different major works that will arise interest among the fans of painting and lovers of decorative and archeology art.
The four floors of the museum, decorated with precious furniture include several collections of ceramics and porcelain.
The price is just 8€, it’s open form 9.30 am to 6.30 pm. Closed on Monday.

Terranova Museum

What to do in Sorrento: Famous Churches

Cathedral of Sorrento – Church of Saint Filippo and Giacomo

Address: Via Santa Maria della Pietà, 44 – Phone: (+39) 081 878 22 48

It’s 200 meters far from the main square, and with its beautiful clock tower is easily recognizable.
Its architecture is a testimony of Sorrento’s inlaid wood tradition, the door on the right describes some passages of the Bible by wood illustration. Filled of side alters in marble, each with different stories, prayers and obviously with the statues of the various saints. The entrance is free.
The Cathedral is open every day from 8.30 am to 12.30 am, and from 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Holy Masses schedule: Sunday and holidays: 8.30 – 10 and 11.15 am, 18 pm – Working days: 8.30 am, 6 pm.

Cathedral of Sorrento

Church of Saint Francesco and Cloister

Address: Piazza Gargiulo, 8 – Phone: (+39) 081 878 12 69

Very close to St Antonino’s square, the Church and the cloister are nearby, both dedicated to Saint Francis.
The original Church probably dates from XVI century, exactly like the cloister. Today is quite different because the Church has undergone several renovations and interventions as you can see from the marble facade. The Church has a single nave with different side chapels, that depict statues of Saint Rita and Saint Antonio from Padova.

The cloister dates from 1300, is framed by arches in Roman style.
On the second floor there’s an exposition of music box, carillion, and you can also admire a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Naples.

Church of Saint Francesco

Saint Antonino’s Church

Address: Piazza Sant’ Antonino, 1

It’s the Church of Patron Saint of Sorrento. Is on two floors, the first where stands the altar for the Holy Messes, going down some stairs located on the sides, you find the second, here there’s the silver statue of Saint Antonino, which represent the tomb, where on the patron Saint’s festival, all the citizens go for a prayer.

Saint Antonino’s Church

Things to do in Sorrento: Discover the town

Villa Comunale

Just outside the Church and the cloister on the right you can find one of the most beautiful public park of Sorrento. With its benches and a small bar you can relax, with a cold drink enjoying the panorama.
From the villa, going down some steps, you can arrive at the beaches of Marina Piccola.

Villa Comunale

Piazza Tasso

The square was born in the XIX century, as result of urbanistic transformation that was developed in Sorrento. At the beginnig its name was "Largo del Castello". Originally, where today stands the statue of St. Anthony, there was a castle, demolished in 1843.
In front of the statue, where are located high flags, there’s a picturesque sea view, if you look down you can see the road, made entirely of stone that leads to the port, reachable trought to the steps on the left.
Another point of view on the square are the historical bar, Fauno, Ercolano and Syrenuse, that accommodate millions of tourist during all year.
In Christmas time, is mount in the center of the square a bright Christmas appeared.

Piazza Tasso

Vicoletti – Narrow street

Are one of features of Sorrento. Crossing this alleys, San Cesareo is the most important, you can find small shops wher buy liqueurs and local products. Don’t miss the "limoncello" and "nocillo" liqueurs made respectlively with lemons and walnuts of Sorrento.
Clothes, bags, candles, handmade pasta, sandals and chocolate are just some of the things that you find in these little streets.

Sorrento's Alleys

It’s the agreeable climate which makes this coast perfect for growing fruits, olives, and grapes, all of which find their way onto the menus of the local restaurants. Naturally, fish and shellfish are staples. Almost all dishes are made with olive oil which is produced locally. Time and again, you’ll see that mozzarella, tomato sauce and olive oil are the basic ingredients, expertly cooked, which make the best meals (try the "gnocchi alla Sorrentina").
As for drinks, the local people drinking good local red wine, refreshing "limoncello", and of course coffee accompanied by delicious pastry and ice cream.
We have a great selection here, from the luxury restaurants to the simple hash house.

What to do in Sorrento: Where eat?

Restaurant Il Buco

With one or more Michelin stars, is one of the best.

Lunch: 12.30 am, 2.30 pm
Dinner: 7.30 pm, 10.30 pm
Day closed: Wednesday
2ª rampa Marina Piccola, 5 (Piazza S.Antonino)
Phone: (+39) 081 878 23 54

Restaurant Il Buco

Restaurant Caruso

Is a restaurant-musem. You eat high food quality, listening music and watching magnificent collection of photos and objects about the great tenor. The wine cellar included about 1,700 labels.

Via Sant’Antonino, 12
Phone: +39 081 807 31 56
Open all days from 12 am to 12 pm

Restaurant Caruso

Pizzeria Da Gigino

Stuck between the alleys, makes an excellent pizza. Other dishes to try are: spaghetti with clams or seafood, gnocchi, lasagna.

Via degli Archi, 15
Phone: +39 081 878 19 27

Pizzeria Da Gigino

Bar Rita

Not only a place to have a coffee and eating a pastry, here at lunch time you have a well-stocked variety of: first course like pasta, rice, salad, main course like fish, chicken, meat and also a mixed fry and savory stuffed roll. You have to try absolutely the potato croquettes.

Corso Italia, 219
Phone: +39 081 878 14 20
Closed on Wednesday

Bar Rita

Things to do in Sorrento: Enjoy the night

If you like to relax after dinner with a drinks you there are some clubs on Corso Italia, offering music and drinks.
Insolito Bar, The English Inn and Chaplin’s Pub, one beside the other, accommodate young tourists especially in summertime. Filou Club, near Piazza Tasso, is a place where you can have a drink singing Italian songs.

What to do in Sorrento

What to do in Sorrento