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What to do in Positano

Positano is an extravagance getaway where numerous individuals unwind on the shoreline or by shocking pools while drinking in perfect perspectives of the Amalfi coast.

Be that as it may, if you need to get out and do things on your excursion, there is bounty to do in Positano also.

Here are the most mainstream things to do in Positano (cautioning you're DEFINITELY going to need to bring your camera along!):

Hike the "Path of the Gods"

Positano is a flawlessly dazzling spot. What's more, there's no better approach to encounter its excellence than by strolling the Sentiero degli Dei Lemon Point trail – likewise called the Footpath of the Gods. Strolling this way has been portrayed as strolling through heaven.

The name of the trail actually means "The Gods' Pathway." As guests str...
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Paestum and Mozzarella Full Day Tour from Positano

We welcome you in an unforgettable experience of your life with this Full Day tour (10 hours) from Positano, you’ll enjoy the best of our cheese makin... More Info


Transfer from Positano to Naples Airport

Check the details of our private transfer service from Positano to Naples Airport, Port, Train Station or Naples city centre, with luxury vehicle and... More Info

Amalfi Coast Lemon Tour

Full Day - Lemon Tour from Positano

The half day lemon tour starts from Positano, it takes about 7 hours. The Lemon Tour is also a significative local food tastings itinerary, where tour... More Info

What to do in Amalfi

This is a magical landscape of the lush green terraces, suspended over a sparkling sea, interspersed with villages that literally appear to have grown from the underlying rocks; here and there, where the mouth of a stream has created a natural harbor, a larger town has developed around this favorable nook - such is the case in the namesake town of Amalfi. Getting around the Amalfi Coast is a real thrill! For brave souls one of the most exciting things to do on the Amalfi Coast is to enjoy seeing it by a private tour, at the same time avoiding the infuriating heavy summer traffic. Well, if you are trying to plan your time on the "divine Coast of the Sirens", here are some recommendations about the heart and soul of the coast, Amalfi must-see sights and attractions and things to do in Amalfi in response t...
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Shore excursion from Amalfi: Pompeii Sorrento Positano all inclusive

This trip start from Amalfi's port and your private English speaking driver will chauffeur you to Pompeii and along the Amalfi Coast. You can enjoy th... More Info

Port of Sorrento

Shore Excursion Pompeii, Positano & Sorrento from Amalfi

Enjoy this terrific shore excursion from Amalfi's port, a Mercedes Benz vehicle with an english speaking driver will wait for you at Amalfi Port when... More Info


Paestum and Mozzarella Full Day Tour from Amalfi

We welcome you in an unforgettable experience of your life with this Full Day tour (10 hours) from Amalfi, you’ll enjoy the best of our cheese making... More Info

What to do in Sorrento

Sorrento is one of the prettiest town of the Amalfi Coast, with stunning views and a perfectly preserved historical centre. It’s a place of contrasts, combining its medieval centre with narrow winding streets full of shops, cafés and restaurant with modern streets lined with elegant boutiques. In a land as dazzling as Sorrento you are unlikely to spend much time indoors, so…

Museo Tarsialignea – Museum of inlay works

Address: Via San Nicola, 28 – Phone: (+39) 081 877 19 42

Sorrento is the birthplace of inlay. You may never miss a visit to the museum, stuck in the typical alleys of the old town, located in a beautiful restored villa. Only 8€ and a couple of hours to enjoy this hidden pearl, full of local history. You will be amazed by the collection and techniques of inlaid wood productions realized...
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Amalfi Cathedral

Full day Amalfi Coast with Ceramic demonstration from Sorrento

Enjoy the beautiful places of the Amalfi Coast with this full day tour of 10 hours from Sorrento. The tour includes a stop in a well known ceramic fac... More Info


Transfer from Sorrento to Naples Airport

One of our English speaking drivers will meet you in Sorrento. He will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name on it. He will help you with l... More Info

Gastronomic Tour Sorrento - Lemon

Gastronomic day tour from Sorrento port

All inclusive gastronomic day trip from Sorrento port or city center. 8 hours to thrill your taste buds with only the best, natural and freshly made p... More Info

What to do in Naples

The beauties of Naples have been praised by innumerable travellers. A lovely bay, filled by a sea of dark blue, the mingling of gaiety,  sadness and noisiness and vivacity of the people make this town ” the permanent playhouse of Italy”. Naples is Italy in the extreme, its best and its worst. However, the industrial quarter to the east, the busy traffic which throttles the city of certain times of the day and the light mist that clouds the horizon may at first disappoint  tourists, who dream of picturesque Naples  basking under an ever blue sky in a harmonious setting. Visitors need to have a very flexible outlook but discovery of the city although not easy, is a rewarding experience.


According to legend, the siren Parthenope gave her name to a town which had spru...
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Tour of the Amalfi Coast - Ravello Church

Tour of the Amalfi Coast from Naples

Your Amalfi Coast tour will provide you with miles of beautiful panoramic scenery including the charming villages the area is known for. We will start... More Info

Pompeii UNESCO World Heritage

Pompeii Half Day tour from Naples

Enjoy this 4 hours tour from Naples, Italy and discover Pompeii Ruins, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy. More Info


Transfer from Naples Airport to Sorrento

One of our English speaking drivers will meet you in Naples airport / train station / port / hotel. He will be waiting for you holding a sign with you... More Info